Listed Buildings

I sometimes get asked if i can do very very old floors like in listed buildings, where the floors are really uneven? Well yes I can, I have completed several of these projects in the past and two just recently, one in a very old cottage set deep in Thetford forest Norfolk and another at Lawshall near[…]

The white bleached look on your wooden flooring

It seems to be quite fashionable to a have a whitish bleached limed look on a floor. I have used soaps and lyes in the past which look good but these i find are not that durable and very high maintenance to keep them looking good. If your  wanting this white bleached look or your[…]

Floor Sanding and Finishing in Ipswich

Floor Sanding and finishing in Ipswich Sandskill have recently restored the floors at Antonio Giovanni hairdressing in Ipswich. The floors was a junckers Oak floor and as you can see got really badly worn around where the chairs were. We sanded the flooring back to bare wood, up to a smooth finish and applied three[…]

Cruising Club Woodbridge.

Sand Skill ltd have recently sanded, finished and restored the maple wood flooring at the Cruising Club Woodbridge. The floor was in bad condition, worn through to bare wood and poorly sanded in the past with a lot of sanding marks. We sanded the floor back to bare wood, level and up to  a smooth[…]

The Conservative Club Ipswich

THE ROSARY CONSERVATIVE CLUB IPSWICH.   This is a Beech floor, just worn out and looking a bit tired as you can see in the photos. We sanded the floor back to bare wood and up to a smooth finish. Then applied three coats of a ceramic fortified polyurethane floor lacquer. This is the hardest[…]