floor sander hire Suffolk

Floor sander hire Suffolk.

Sandskill floor sander hire Suffolk. We have often thought about  providing low dust (98%), professional top quality German engineering , floor sanding machines hired directly to the public or builders. The machines Sandskill uses are top of the range German machines ” lagler“. Second to none. Dustless, so your home or restaurant will not be dusty. Power, ensuring the work is carried out quickly and efficiently. Easy to use, leaving the floor looking beautiful, without . Unlike Jewson or any of these other hire floor sander Suffolk shops machines. Our Lagler  german floor sanding machines we have thought about and considered hiring out. If enough customers ask,  it’s definitely something we would consider. 

 I’ve got the sanding machine … what else do i need.

Your going to need some abrasives . Usually starting off with 36 grit , then to 80 grit and finishing off with a 100 or 120 grit for the final sand to finish..  Make sure when you are hiring  a machine that it has a solid belt system. This will enable you change the belts over quickly saving time. Some machines have a clamp system in which sandpaper is cut to length and clamped on. This not only takes a lot of time to change the belts, but also leaves a lot of sanding marks on the floor called “chatter marks” due to the clamp that holds the sandpaper. That’s why floor sanding professionals like Sandskill flooring use Lagler sanding machines.

Sandskill flooring use Ceramic and zirconia coated sanding belts and discs. Which last the longest and cut through the toughest of floors. Even the victorian floor boards with the black bitumen painted on.

What to finish your wooden floor with ?

We use only the best lacquers and hard wax oils available on the market. With 15 years experience with have tried and tested them all. The main brands we use are Osmo (the original hard wax oil) for hard wax oils. For water based hard wearing lacquers we use  Bona and Junckers. These are the market leaders in the wood flooring industry guaranteeing  a hardwearing and beautiful finish for years to come. Also Morrells wood finishes we are using a lot of at the moment. Extremely hard wearing water based lacquers and their Hard wax oil we are finding extremely hard wearing. While still giving and excellent finish particularly on Oak. 

For commercial areas an harder additive is added to the lacquers to create and even more durable protective coating.  All finishes come in matt, satin or even gloss. 

 Find out more about Sandskill click here or please phone 07810435322 .


floor sander hire Suffolk

floor sander hire Suffolk

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