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 laitance sanding Suffolk 

Gypsum based screeds are becoming more and more popular for building projects. These liquid screeds must be prepared correctly in order to receive a fully  bonded floor covering, like wood, tiles, lVT  to ensure these fully are fully adhered . The laitance sanding Suffolk is often over looked. A crust forms on top of the screed resulting in the de-lamination of your new floor coverings! If the crust this will go has hard as stone and  moisture will be trapped in the screed. This will also delay the installation of your chosen floor covering. Sandskill limited offers a full  Dustless laitance removal  Suffolk  / screed sanding/diamond grinding  service using our specially selected  dustless surface preparation equipment.

The surface laitance of your screed will need to be removed for a fully bonded flooring covering.

For gypsum screeds after 4 to 7 days of installtion –

After 4 to 7 days after curing your screed will be able to have the laitance removed with an orbital machine and sanded with a abrasive screen mesh. This will allow all the moisture in the screed to be released and reduce the waiting time on installing your floor covering.  

For gypsum screeds after 7 days  of installtion – 

If the laitance is left on top of the screed. This will form a hard crust which will need to be diamond ground off. Also the moisture would have been trapped in the screed and this will delay the drying process.

After the removal of the laitance we will also be able to test for moisture. We will be able to advise on the correct and fastest way to dry out these  screeds along with the correct time to proceed with the installation of your flooring once the right moisture content has been achieved. 

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