School hall floor sanding

S​​​chool hall floor sanding

Are you looking for a free quotation to have your school hall floor re sanded over the holiday period ? If so we are covering the eastern counties and beyond if need be. If your in need of some school hall floor sanding over the school summer break, then please get in touch for a free quotation.

school hall floor sanding

let us fly into your School and give you a new floor ready for September.

Get ready for the term and have your school hall floor sanding and finished

Here at Sandskill we have been sanding and finishing wooden floors for over 15 years and have a lot of experience in commercial work for sanding/renovations of commercial wood floors. Just recently in the month we have undertook the wood floor restoration works at Hazel wood dance studios were we applied an extra grippy finish called Junckers Friction as high levels of grip was needed with ballet dancing.  Commercially this year we have also completed the renovations at Seaton rd Methodist church, Ilketshall Village hall. Finished with commercial grade polyurethane floor lacquers, which are ideal for areas with a  lot of traffic.

Dustless school hall floor sanding 

We use only the best dustless sanding machines lagler. These machines are the best floor sanding machines available. The bulk of the sanding is mainly done with the Hummel in the video above. This sands the wood flooring back to bare wood, this machine will also sand the wood flooring level if slightly uneven.  An edger is used to sand the edges without hitting or damaging the skirting.  Then to finish off a machine called an Trio is used to get a glass like smooth finish to the wood floor.

Applying a hard wearing finish suitable for areas of high traffic school hall floor

After your school hall a floor sanding has been sanded back to bare wood and like new again, a hard wearing finish will need to be applied. We use polyurethane commercial grade lacquers. This comes with an hardener added  for extra durability. Im a matt or satin appearance. Three coats are applied. After 24 hours the area will be available to be used.

Contact us NOW if your school hall floor SANDING QUOTATION

If you know of a wooden floor which has worn and are looking or thinking about getting a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us here

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